New Hope for Danes Great Dane Rescue

Adoption Guidelines

To help defray costs and allow us to continue with our rescue operation, a donation is required for each dane placed in a home.

Thank you for your interest in adopting a Great Dane in need of a permanent home! Part of our adoption process involves assessing both the dog and the potential new owner.

Please note: the following excerpts are from the contractual agreement you will be required to sign on adoption:

1. To maintain the Great Dane in the Adopterís house as a household pet, to provide a secure fenced area for unsupervised exercise periods, to ensure that the Great Dane is not exposed to extreme temperatures, to not
tie the Great Dane on a rope, chain or leash of any sort while unattended, to transport the Great Dane only in an enclosed vehicle, and to ensure that the Great Dane is treated humanely throughout its life.

2. To be responsible for the care, control and maintenance of the Great Dane from and after the date hereof and to ensure that:
   a) The Great Dane receives full preventative medical care as warranted    throughout its life, including placing the Great Dane on an inoculation program and heartworm prevention program established by the Adopterís veterinarian in order to guarantee the health of the Great Dane;
   b) All annual rabies vaccinations and license obligations as are required by law are complied with, and;
   c) The Great Dane is kept under care and control reasonably designed to minimize disruptions to neighbors or the public.

3. The adopter shall not relocate the Great Dane to any other person, firm, organization or corporation for any reason whatsoever.

If you would like to adopt, please fully complete and sign this
Application for Adoption (89.2K)
(Adobe Acrobat required for download)
and return to:
New Hope For Danes
c/o Cam & Elaine Dixon
P.O. Box 106
Foxwarren, MB R0J 0R0

Note: Incomplete or unsigned applications will not be assessed or considered.

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