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"Happy Endings"









Rosco has been adopted :-)

Otto has been adopted :-)

Newman has been adopted into a forever home

Cash is available for adoption

Cash has been adopted into a forever home!


Tobias has been adopted



Diesel is 4 yrs old but a real lover boy!!


Abraham has been adopted

Abraham has been adopted.



Bella has been adopted.



Casper is deaf and Teri taught him sign language.
He is so happy in his new home
Casper is pictured at 14 months old.

Dane Mastiff

Shax is a Dane Mastiff cross who has been adopted
He is loving a beautiful 3 year old girl who loves him back.

Big boy is available

Big Boy has been adopted.

Blue is available

Blue has been adopted


King has been adopted.


This is Bryn at 2 1/2 yrs. Picture taken last Spring. His owner has been in Afghanistan and has to go back so we found him a home .

Maja and Xela-Juj

Maja and Xela-Juj have been placed in a loving home.


Sebastion an 11month old AKC brindle

Sebastion, an 11month old AKC brindle (in foreground of photo), 
The breeder sold to 2 brothers to a first time Dane owner.
The owner gave one up to rescue.


Brody has been adopted


Ben in his new home

Ben has been adopted and is enjoying his new home


Bailey has been placed in a loving home


Lannah and her friend

New Hope placed Lannah into a forever home....
she had been living outside and is now doing great. 2  yrs old.




Bruno in his new home

New Hope placed Bruno,
whose owner moved away and couldn't take him.
He filled three hearts full of Love!


Cassidy's Story



     Cassidy, was in very bad shape when she entered rescue. She was very skinny and had bad teeth from eating on the streets. The pads on her feet were almost worn off. She was picked up by the Winnipeg Humane Society and they called us.

     It took some time, but after having a few teeth pulled, allowing her to get plenty of rest and being spayed, she was placed in a loving home. Cassidy is now a much loved "couch potato" and is now enjoying the companionship of the new human addition to the family

Cassidy has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 10-2006

Jesse's Story


     We picked Jesse up during a blizzard on December 27th. She had been in 5 different homes and was so skinny and shy. Cam had to sleep with her the first night because she was so scared. She couldn't believe that she was in the house.

     We had her spayed and cleared up a small infection and she is now "The Queen" of her new home.

Jesse's new owners write:
"Jesse has filled a void in our lives after the loss of our last dog. Thank you for letting us adopt Jesse. We love her very much - Rose and Laurence Klym




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